Hole Saw 19mm



Product Information

Hole saws are used to cut precise round holes in a wide variety of materials. They can cut holes with much larger diameters than traditional drill bits and due they only cut out the perimeter line of the hole, they are much more efficient than other drills, such as twist drills.

A hole saw is designed to attach to a power drill and rotate at a high speed. As the saw spins, the teeth cut into the chosen material, removing a circular piece (sometimes known as a slug) as it saws through.

Hole saws can be used in conjunction with corded drills, cordless drills (of 18 volts or higher), drill presses and even lathes, provided they have a 3/8 or 1/2 inch chuck. (There are special arbors that will allow you to attach them to a 1/4 inch chuck but these are much less common.)

*Cordless drills need to be 18 volts or higher as otherwise they will not produce the levels of torque (rotational force) required to use a hole saw effectively.*

This particular Hole Saw is ideal for when you are fitting Twinwall or Triplewall Polycarbonate sheeting, as it allows you to drill a precise 19mm diameter hole to take Fixing Buttons

As well as being ideal for use with Multiwall Polycarbonate, this 19mm Hole Saw is also ideal for the following applications:

  • Cutting holes for mortice locks and latches in doors
  • Cutting holes for drainage pipes
  • Cutting holes for electrical wires and cables
  • Many other household and garden applications (such as bird houses)


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