Clip 'n' Stick Double Glazing Kit - DIY Secondary Glazing


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Clip 'n' Stick is a neat, white edging system – self-adhesive uPVC edging sticks to window frame as required and glazing sheet is held in place by top strip clipped on to the base. Recommended for internal use only and particularly suitable for French doors – the strong positive fixing means the panels are securely held in place and will not be jolted off when the doors are opened & closed.

Fittings only We can supply Clip 'n' Stick fittings only, but here we are offering complete double glazing kits including clear rigid plastic panes.

Each CLIP 'N' STICK kit consists of:-

  • a rigid plastic sheet cut to the exact size you need
  • lengths of CLIP 'N' STICK edging sufficient for all four edges of the pane
  • a length of mitre bead to ensure neat corners
  • full fitting instructions

When measuring for a double glazing panel using Clip 'n' Stick, add 25mm (1") to the internal dimensions of the window glass (to allow 12mm (½") overlap all round on the window frame). Select the type of glazing sheet you require and choose the next kit size up from our price list for each window. Please note that each kit is priced for a single glazing sheet only - we cannot supply more than one sheet within a single kit.

Remember – we rely on your measurements – we will cut to the size you give us, but we cannot be responsible for any measuring errors. Please check your measurements carefully!

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