White Clip 'n' Stick Edging 2440mm - For Secondary Glazing Kit



Product Information

Clip ‘n’ Stick is a high impact two part glazing system that provides heat and noise insulation which will assist in reductions in your fuel costs. The double glazing system comprises two rigid PVC sections; a base section and a cover strip and is 2.44m in length and White. The base section comes with adhesive tape applied and is stuck to the window frame. The glazing sheet is placed within this frame and the cover strip then clips into place to hold the sheet securely.

Clip ‘n’ Stick is designed for internal use only, fixing directly to the frame for maximum insulation and draught proofing. 

Clip ‘n’ Stick is easy to remove so access to the window is possible; however it is designed for permanent installation.

Measuring: The Clip ‘n’ Stick strips are 16mm (5/8”) therefore please ensure you have sufficient working space on your window frame to allow this.


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