Hedgehog Gutterscoop Gutter Cleaner



Product Information

The GutterScoop Gutter Cleaner is the easiest way to remove leaves, twigs & waste from gutters, before installing the Hedgehog Gutter Brush. It’s a versatile scoop, too, with a multitude of uses around the home. 

The scoop is made from lightweight, durable polypropylene and flexes in order to fit gutters, making light work of the tough and time consuming job of cleaning them.

This is a clever, economical piece of gutter cleaning equipment and a great time saver. The scoop is eye catching orange and a really useful addition to you household and gardening tools.

Additional uses for the Gutter Scoop:

  •    Grass seed and fertiliser spreader
  •    Potting mix measurer 
  •    Pet food dispenser
  •    Pooper scooper

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