Clear Polystyrene - Clear Plastic Sheet


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Product Information

Clear Polystyrene is the original utility glazing that offers outstanding value all throughout the home. It is still seen as the cheapest form of rigid plastic sheeting for clear interior glazing.

Easy to work with, these sheets come with a protective polythene on both sides which keeps them protected during marking, scoring and fitting.

The key features of Clear Polystyrene are:

  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • Strong and lightweight
  • 3 times stronger than Annealed Glass
  • Easily drilled, sawn and cut.
  • Up to 94% light transmission
  • Life Span of 6-8 Years.

Clear Polystyrene is ideal for use as double glazing however it is essential to take them down during the summer months to prolong the life of the product due to it is not UV Stabilised and will therefore discolour in direct sunlight due to the UV Rays.

Other uses for Clear Polystyrene are: 

  • Display Showboards
  • Picture Frames
  • Display Cabinets
  • Table Tops
  • Media Containers, such as DVD Cases / CD Cases
  • And Many More.

Here at TW Plastics, we offer Clear Polystyrene in two thicknesses 2mm and 4mm; both of which are available to be cut to size at request.

We can also provide a ‘Working With Plastics’ data sheet we offers you all the information on how to Cut, Saw and Drill the product, to suit your requirements.


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