Edge Trim for PVC Bars


Product Information

Use edge infill to provide a neat and practical trim at the edges of the roof. It fits into the outside of the bar at the end of the roof.


The Sunwood Range of Timber Supported Products is a branded system of powdercoated aluminium and PVCU Conservatory Roof component parts for anyone building a timber conservatory, whatever the design or specification, for 10mm Twinwall, 16mm Triplewall or 25mm Sixwall Polycarbonate Sheets.

Comprising a screw-down aluminium base, with a snap-on uPVC cap in either White or Brown to give controlled pressure on the sheet and a watertight seal.

Support RequirementsPVCu Rafter Bars are designed to sit on timber joists 75mm x 50mm (3" x 2") or larger and they must be supported along their full length. Do not use with cross-purlin support only.

Standard Rafter Bars: accept a sheet on either side

Roof Edge infills are for use on the outside edges: fit the sheet on one side only, with a curved cover on to the outside fascia or butting to a wall.

Ordering: For each roof you will need one more Rafter Bar than the number of roof sheets. Example for a roof with 5 Multiwall sheets you would need 6 Rafter Bars and 2 Roof Edge infils.



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