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Product Information

Multiwall Polycarbonate is an ideal product for where maximum optical clarity is required, but heat retention is also important, such as for Conservatory Roofing, Car Ports, Smoking Shelters, Greenhouses and more.

Simple to install, by using this product to aid heat retention you can bring about savings on gas and electricity bills by reducing the need for heating or air conditioning.

All our polycarbonate roofing products are cut to size to meet your exact needs. Please note that as the flutes must run down the length of the sheet, all your measurements must be given in the format "length x width".

Choose your thickness: 10mm Twinwall, 16mm Triplewall or 25mm Sixwall;

Choose your colour: Clear, Opal or Bronze.  These variations in colour allow you to restrict light transmission, which is sometimes required on certain applications such as on South or West facing roofs.

Light transmission ratings are as follows (Clear/Bronze/Opal):

  • 10mm Twinwall - 79% / 35% / product not available
  • 16mm Triplewall - 76% / 35% / 48%
  • 25mm Sixwall - 55% / 20% / 20%

Other benefits of using multiwall polycarbonate for your project:

  • Very light in weight compared with annealed glass, making it much easier to lift and position.
  • Durable.
  • It has a much higher insulating ability than other single walled, corrugated or solid flat sheets.
  • Features UV coating that is designed to protect the sheet against the effects of UV rays (ultra-violet radiation) which occurs in direct sunlight. UV will not be transmitted through these sheets, which makes it an ideal product for areas where constant exposure is expected.

Technical information

Examples of weight:

  • 10mm Twinwall - 1.7 kg/m²
  • 16mm Triplewall - 2.7 kg/m²
  • 25mm Sixwall - 3.5 kg/m²

The excellent thermal insulation of this Multiwall Polycarbonate is due to the walled cells inside the hollow structure of the sheet, resulting in the following U values (The U value is a number, which measures the quality of thermal insulation. Lower values for a material relate to superior thermal insulation)

  • 10mm Twinwall - 3.0 W/m²K
  • 16mm Triplewall - 2.3 W/m²K
  • 25mm Sixwall - 1.5 W/m²K

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