EPDM Roofing


Product Information

EPDM is a tough black rubber sheeting which provides an easy to fit, long-lasting roofing solution.

Our made to measure service ensures your EPDM sheeting is made to the exact size and shape you need, with any seams factory vulcanised and guaranteed waterproof.

Choose the right thickness for your job:

  • Use Standardweight (0.75mm) EPDM for small sheltered roofs up to a maximum of 20 sq m (215 sq ft) in area.
  • For larger roofs use Heavyweight (1mm) or Superheavyweight (1.5mm).

Why choose EPDM roofing?

  • Tried and tested in more than 40 years’ commercial use.
  • Resists the UV degrading effects of sunlight, and most common chemicals.
  • Rubbery stretch quality accommodates uneven surfaces – means you can lay over the top of old felt roofs.
  • No gluing, sticking or heat-sealing – roof covers are simply nailed into place through the unique fixing flaps.
  • Manufacturers offer a 20 YEAR WARRANTY ( ** conditions apply - full details on request).
  • Does not harden over time so will not uplift, crack or blister, meaning no maintenance necessary.

ORDERING a made to measure EPDM roof cover

Measure your roof. Allow 76mm (3") overlap on outside edges and 152mm (6") to a wall or upstand. Round up each dimension to the nearest half metre (500mm) and calculate the area, rounding up to the nearest square metre. When ordering, give us the exact size (length x width) in millimetres when requested. If in any doubt, just send us a sketch by post, fax or e-mail and we'll quote by return.

Please allow minimum 10-14 working days for delivery.

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