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Product Information

Magnet has to be the simplest and quickest way to double glaze a window! Developed specially for use with plastic glazing panels up to 4mm thick – all you need are a pair of scissors and a tape measure!

The pre-cut glazing panel is edged with self-adhesive magnetic tape which attaches in an instant to the metal strip on the window frame. Exceptionally easy to put up and take down as required for cleaning or summer removal. The metal strip is white faced (but can be overpainted if required) so is completely unobtrusive even if the double glazing panel is not in place.

Each MAGNET kit consists of:

  • A rigid plastic sheet cut to the exact size you need
  • Sufficient of each of the magnetic and metal strips to go round the edge of the pane.

How to Measure Your Window for a Magnet Kit:

For a double glazing panel using Magnet, add 25mm (1") to the internal dimensions of the window glass (to allow 12mm (½") overlap all round on the window frame). Select the type of glazing sheet you want. Please note that each kit is priced for a single glazing sheet only - we cannot supply more than one sheet within a single kit.

Remember – we rely on your measurements – we will cut to the size you give us, but we cannot be responsible for any measuring errors. Please check your measurements carefully!

Clear Polystyrene or Clear Acrylic Glazing Sheet?

Both of these excellent products are ideal for double glazing.

  • Clear Polystyrene is much cheaper but is for indoor use only and should always be removed in summer for maximum life.
  • Clear Acrylic has even better strength and optical clarity and is highly recommended for South facing windows or if the double glazing sheets will be left up all year round.

Important Note for Large Kits

For kit sizes larger than 1829 x 911mm, we recommend that Easyfix Clips, or an alternative additional support are fitted to securely hold the secondary glazing in place.

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