Privacy & Decorative Films

For Glass Partitions, Windows & Conservatories

These Dusted and Frosted effect films are the new way to create distinctive designs on glass. They are affordable, versatile and incredibly stylish. Unlike many films, this film series can be applied to glass, acrylic or polycarbonate and is suitable for indoor or outdoor application.


They have a durable scratch resistant coating which ensures the appearance of the film, year after year. Also the warranty gives peace of mind for 15 years internally and 4 years externally against Cracking, Peeling, Creasing and Delamination.

And more benefits too!

  • Provides a measure of safety by holding glass together on breakage
  • Improves Insulation
  • Discourages thieves with the added privacy provided
  • Eliminates glare and helps reduce harmful U.V Light
  • Will adhere to glass, acrylic & polycarbonate.

Colours:- Dusted Crystal White, Frosted Crystal White, Frosted Crystal Mint, Frosted Crystal Blue, Frosted Crystal Rose, Frosted Crystal Gold.

*Not to be fitted to Georgian Wired Glass.