Sun Shade Film

More permanent reflective sun shading as often seen on office windows. Pressure sensitive adhesive ensures long life, but the film is easy to install - full fitting instructions included.

Self-adhesive Sun Shade Film is easily applied to glass or polycarbonate, for a long-lasting permanent job.

  • reflects back the sun's rays cutting glare by up to 82% and reducing heat through solar gain by up to 75%
  • helps protect furnishings by reducing UV light transmission
  • safer for children & adults alike if windows fitted with Sun Shade Film are broken, the film holds broken pieces in place and stops flying shards or splinters.
  • adds privacy with reflective film, you can see out during the day, but others can't see in.
  • choice of Silver Reflective or Bronze Reflective tints and two convenient widths
  • easy DIY installation

FITTING - Sun Shade Film is most suitable for internal use on flat (not patterned) glass windows, but can also be used externally on polycarbonate roofs. Recommended for external fitting on double glazed sealed units or thick laminated glass and we regret not suitable for Georgian wired glass.

ORDERING - Just order either width "off the roll" in any length (whole metres only). Easily trimmed to size with scissors.

Full fitting instructions included with every order

Don't forget to order your DIY Fitting Kit with all the tools you'll need for a quick trouble-free job.