Clear Extruded Acrylic

Clear Extruded (or Clear Horticultural) Acrylic offers all the strength and long life of all acrylic sheeting at a budget price.

  • 92% light transmission and minimum 10 times the strength of glass.
  • Fully UV stabilised and will provide minimum 12-15 years life indoors or outdoors.
  • Especially useful in the garden: can be used for greenhouses, cold frames, cloches, shed & basement windows, summerhouses and small conservatories. Also ideal for the curved panels on "Florada" type greenhouses and lean-tos.
  • Easily cut, sawn, drilled & fixed. All sheets polythene covered both sides for protection in transit and while working.

Clear Extruded Acrylic - Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

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