Flat Sheet Cladding

Closed cell foam PVCu board.

White. Choice of 3mm or 5mm thickness.

  • Lightweight but strong and durable
  • Fully UV stabilised for use indoors or out
  • Treat it just like wood – cut it, drill it, saw it, plane it, nail it, paint it, wash it
  • Waterproof in the way that wood is not
  • Surface stays warm to the touch – excellent to insulate and reduce condensation in outhouses, sheds, workshops, utility rooms etc.

Applications -  Use Standard Wonderboard for fascia and soffit replacement, lining between exposed beams, cladding, ceilings, signs & displays, exhibition work, shelves & drawers.

Fitting -  For cladding work, fit Standard Wonderboard on wooden battens pre-screwed to brick, concrete or other substrate. Remember that plastics tend to expand & contract with heat changes, so to avoid bowing or buckling never glue the sheeting across its whole area. Allow edge gaps for expansion and drill holes for screws and drive rivets at least 50% oversize.

Heavy Duty Wonderboard is also available at higher cost for tougher applications – a denser, heavier foam core with a hard outer coating.


Wonderboard Flat Sheet Cladding

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