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Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Corrugated Plastic Sheets are an economical material for use in many roofing projects in the garden and around the home.

Possible examples include: carports, canopies, sheds, porches, greenhouses and even swimming pool covers.

Plastic corrugated roofing has several advantages over other roofing materials:

  • Lightweight – easy to handle, cut and install by anyone with basic DIY experience.
  • Attractive and practical – sheets can be clear, allowing the full amount of natural light through; or translucent, giving a soft diffused lighting effect
  • UV resistant – our corrugated plastic sheets have a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee against deterioration from the effects of sunlight.
  • Fire retardant - classified self-extinguishing by BS2782 test method 508A
  • Weather resistant

We offer three types of corrugated plastic sheets, as well as a range of accessories and tools, to get your roofing project off to the best possible start.

Sheet Types

  • 76mm (3”) Profile Corrugated PVC – this rounded profile sheet is the best general-purpose all-round plastic roofing material.  Offered in three thicknesses, lightweight (0.8mm thick) and heavyweight (1.1mm thick) are the two most popular, however for very heavy-duty applications we also offer a super-heavyweight (1.3mm thick) sheet.
  • Mini Profile Corrugated PVC – ideal if you’re working to a smaller budget, this economy-grade material is ideal for smaller structures in more sheltered areas.
  • Box Profile Corrugated PVC – the square “Greca” construction of this sheet makes it stylish roofing material, especially for carports.


We stock a range of accessories to complement our plastic corrugated roofing products, including flashing units, used to seal sheets to a wall; eaves filler, to seal and support under the corrugations at the eaves; fasteners and tools for fitting the corrugated plastic sheets.


Mini Glass Corrugated PVC - Plastic Roofing

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76mm (3") Clear Corrugated PVC - Plastic Roofing

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Box Profile Corrugated PVC - Plastic Roofing

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